About US

We have transformed ourselves to Healing Experts through our experience as a Vastu team, which provided us opportunities of providing remedies to people who had problems due to negative Vastu energies. While offering solutions we came across a lot of primarily affluent and educated people suffering from various ailments. This, despite spending a lot of money on the upkeep of their health.

When we worked with them and provided our alternative healing solutions, their healing accelerated. From such modest beginnings along with the grace of gods and gurus, we established Pranava Healing Solutions. Since then, we have been offering valuable alternative healing therapies to all our patrons who have benefitted immensely.

Our Healing experts are Mr Kiran Kumar and Mrs Meera Kiran, a husband-wife duo with Engineering backgrounds have provided scientific Vastu remedies to over 1000 clients in the recent years

Some of the many credentials of Mr Kiran Kumar are as follows:

    • Learnt PAADHA GUASA therapy from the first Indian teacher of the therapy, Sri. Akshayan from Madurai
    • Learnt flower therapy from the great Sri. Krishnamurthy and Sri. Gnanakumaran of Chennai
    • Advanced flower therapy from Dr. Gnana Kumaran
    • Indian tarot card reading from the pioneer Dr. Ruchin Rastogi, New Delhi
    • Access bar from facilitator Smt. Deepa Rani
    • Lama Hera from grand master Smt. Surili Guptha
    • Aura Photography from Sir. Mujeeb
    • Spectral therapy from Smt. Geetha Mennem

Mr Kiran Kumar is continually in pursuit of mastering alternate therapies and more accomplishments are expected.