Value of Alternative Healing

We fall ill at some point in time and the first choice, would be to take allopathic or modern medication. Rarely do we opt for alternative healing at first. Alternative healing on the other hand provides immense value, without the need of the individual consuming any medication. The process with alternative healing is lengthy, but if followed diligently will provide cure for illnesses without any side effects.

Spiritually diseases won’t affect us if there are no benefits from them. People usually fall ill when there are other psychosomatic wants that are unmet, like the need for affection, sympathy, emptiness and love. Often diseases help us getting the necessary attention we seek out, at a subconscious level.

Our practice of healing whether it’s Paadha Guasa, Bach Flower Therapy, Energy or Chakra Enhancement, Access bar therapy, or any of our other healing offerings, is to align the universal energy along with the personal energy. This approach creates a harmonious synergy between the body, mind and external universe, by which the healing is internal driven. The focus is to create synergy which we do the best.